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Download section

From this page you may download all AMPLAN related files, e.g. the free demo version of AMPLAN or documentation in various formats.

AMPLAN Demo download

The AMPLAN Demo is a Microsoft® Access© database.

In order to run the demo, you must have either MS Access97 or MS Access2000 or MS Access XP installed and running on your computer.

There are three versions provided, one for Access2000, one for Access XP and one for Access97. Please make sure to download the correct version for your installation.

   AMPLAN Demo v1.1.6 - Access 97 [2,520Kb]

   AMPLAN Demo v1.1.6 - Access 2000 [2,373Kb]

   AMPLAN Demo v1.1.6 - Access XP 2002 [2,468Kb]

Installation instructions


To run the AMPLAN demo, all you need is a running copy of the Microsoft® Access97©, Access2000© or AccessXP© database system. A minimum level of knowledge on using Access (what is the record marker and how to create a new record) would be good, but is not required.


To install AMPLAN, simply download the required database version to any directory on your system. Then doubleclick "setup97(2000/XP).exe" to start the install program. This will setup AMPLAN and the AMPLAN Reference handbook on your computer.

Read the section "First start of AMPLAN" and "Login to the demo system" in the AMPLAN reference handbook prior to running the system for the first time.


To remove AMPLAN from your computer use the "Control panel" - "Add/Remove Programs" applet. Follow the instructions given by the uninstall program.