AMPLAN Users Guide
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1.3. AMPLAN philosophy

Maintenance planning and record keeping comprises the use of several data sources in real life, this scenario has been translated to the AMPLAN maintenance planning system in form of modules. Each of this modules holds a certain piece of information as you have it provided from either the aircraft OEM, the Authorities or the Vendors of installed equipment.

A graphical overview of the modules in AMPLAN looks like shown Figure 1.3, “Modules overview”. The modules can be reached via the AMPLAN toolbar, see Figure 1.4, “AMPLAN Toolbar”.

Maintenance requirements are stored as scheduled maintenance programs SMP's, out of phase requirements OOPR's and component maintenance requirements CMR's. These requirements can be assigned (linked) to aircraft or components. Life limits are stored with each component in the parts tracking module.

The planning module evaluates the maintenance requirements assigned to an aircraft and it's installed components and calculates the due date/time for each requirement taking the maintenance event log data into account. The output of the planning module can be printed in various formats and used for various purpose.

Figure 1.3. Modules overview

Modules overview