AMPLAN Users Guide
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AMPLAN Reference Handbook

Table of Contents

1. General
1.1. First start of AMPLAN
1.2. Login to the system
1.3. AMPLAN philosophy
1.4. How to reach the modules
1.5. AMPLAN license
1.6. Contact information
2. AMPLAN Modules
2.1. Aircraft module
2.1.1. Tab: Aircraft basic data
2.1.2. Tab: OOPR assignment
2.1.3. Tab: Standard reports
2.2. Flight log module
2.2.1. Data entry
2.2.2. Searching, filtering for- or navigating to a particular date
2.3. Parts tracking module
2.3.1. Insert a new component into the database
2.3.2. Install a component into an aircraft or another component
2.3.3. Remove a component from an aircraft or another component
2.3.4. Modify component data manually
2.3.5. Viewing and printing the complete component history and changing action details
2.3.6. Assign maintenance requirements and review or print the component maintenance record
2.4. Scheduled Maintenance Program SMP module
2.4.1. Program section
2.4.2. Packages section
2.4.3. Tasks section
2.4.4. Assign SMP's to aircraft
2.5. Out of phase requirements 'OOPR' module
2.5.1. Searching and filtering OOPR's
2.5.2. Assign OOPR tasks to aircraft
2.6. Component maintenance requirements 'CMR' module
2.6.1. Searching and filtering CMR tasks
2.6.2. Assign CMR tasks to components
2.7. The AMPLAN maintenance planning module
2.7.1. Printing of planning module output
2.8. Maintenance event log module
2.8.1. Printing of maintenance records
3. Additional / Optional modules and or functionality
3.1. PIREPS - Pilots reports analysis
3.1.1. Enable PIREP analysis
3.2. Reliability analysis module
3.3. Optional modules